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How big is the impact of new three-dimensional graphene materials on automobiles?

2019-05-22 11:40:18

When it comes to three-dimensional graphene, many people may be relatively unfamiliar. What is three-dimensional graphene? In fact, it is a kind of very thin, nano-level graphite that exists in nature. It is mainly used in electricity, optics and mechanics. Today we are talking about the application of three-dimensional graphene in automobiles, mainly because of its application in electricity. The core of an electric car is the battery, so today we have to understand how much impact three-dimensional graphene has on the car? When will it become a reality?

First of all, friends who have knowledge of three-dimensional graphene know that its energy density is very high. Applying it to batteries can quickly improve the charging speed and efficiency of electric vehicles. For example, ordinary electric vehicles may be faster in 1 hour. It can charge 80% of the electricity, but the 3D graphene car may be able to charge 80% of the electricity in 10 minutes, so the 3D graphene in the battery field will make the electric vehicle market more development possibilities.

Secondly, the special molecular structure of three-dimensional graphene makes it have good electrical conductivity, so it will significantly improve the heat dissipation function of the battery and improve the working efficiency of the entire battery. In summary, we can see that the prospects of 3D graphene battery vehicles are still ideal and optimistic. However, most of the batteries in the field of new energy vehicles are lithium batteries, because 3D graphene is still in the process of research and development. The current technology is still immature and relatively expensive, so it is still difficult to spread widely.

It is understood that the energy storage of the three-dimensional graphene polymer material battery developed by Polycarbon and Harbin Institute of Technology is three times that of traditional battery products. An electric vehicle powered by this battery can travel more than 1,000 kilometers, and the charging time is greatly reduced. The number of recharges can reach 3000 times. Above, the weight of the battery is less than half of the traditional rechargeable battery. Although there is still some distance from mass production, there is no doubt that three-dimensional graphene will become a breakthrough point in the bottleneck of battery energy storage. I believe that in the next 1-3 years, we will be able to see three-dimensional graphene automotive power batteries.

All in all, as a black technology for future development, 3D graphene has given electric vehicles a new mission, and at the same time carries consumers’ expectations of it. From fuel-powered vehicles to electric vehicles, society is progressing, and there is nothing wrong with it. Possibly, the 3D graphene car battery will meet you with the fastest and best product.

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