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Three-dimensional graphene supports single atoms for energy storage and conversion

2019-05-22 11:40:18

The design of high-efficiency electrochemical energy storage devices (such as fuel cells and metal-air batteries) is the key to energy storage and conversion. Among them, oxygen reduction reaction, hydrogen precipitation reaction, oxygen precipitation reaction, carbon dioxide reduction reaction and methanol oxidation reaction are the basis of electrochemical energy storage.

Therefore, in the electrochemical reaction process, the construction of a high-efficiency catalyst is an important factor in improving the energy conversion rate. Among various catalysts, single-atom catalysts show good application prospects in the field of energy storage and conversion due to their high atom utilization, excellent catalytic activity and good selectivity. However, the high surface energy of a single atom makes it prone to agglomeration during synthesis and electrochemical reactions, greatly reducing the catalytic activity and cycle life.

At present, loading single atoms on a carbon material substrate is a common strategy to solve the agglomeration phenomenon of single-atom catalysts in the synthesis process and improve their catalytic performance. Among different carbon materials, three-dimensional graphene is often used to support single atoms due to its large specific surface area, high conductivity, and adjustable surface properties, and the single atoms supported by three-dimensional graphene usually exhibit excellent electrochemical performance.

Recently, the research team of Professor Niu Zhiqiang from the School of Chemistry of Nankai University summarized the recent research progress in the field of energy storage and conversion of three-dimensional graphene-loaded single atoms. This thesis first elaborated on the influence of the design strategy, characterization method and preparation method of 3D graphene loaded with single atom on 3D graphene loaded with single atom. The controllable functional groups on the surface of 3D graphene can not only serve as active sites to stabilize single atoms, but also serve as catalytic sites to synergistically improve single-atom catalytic activity and cycle life, effectively broadening the field of 3D graphene-loaded single atoms in energy storage and conversion Applications.

Therefore, they comprehensively summarized and analyzed the catalytic performance and mechanism of three-dimensional graphene-supported single atoms in the fields of oxygen reduction reaction, hydrogen evolution reaction, oxygen evolution reaction, carbon dioxide reduction reaction and methanol oxidation reaction. Finally, they looked forward to the problems and application prospects of three-dimensional graphene-loaded single atoms in the process of energy storage and conversion. This thesis not only provides new ideas for the construction of single atoms on three-dimensional graphene, but also provides a new perspective for the application of three-dimensional graphene-supported single-atom catalysts in the field of energy storage and conversion.

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