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Laser manufacturing of 3D graphene flexible electronic devices

2019-05-22 11:40:18

Three-dimensional graphene has excellent physical and chemical properties such as high carrier mobility, transparency, flexibility, electrical conductivity, mechanical strength and biocompatibility. As a multifunctional material, three-dimensional graphene can be prepared on the surface of a variety of flexible substrates, showing great potential in the field of frontier flexible electronics.

As a kind of precision processing technology, laser has important research significance and application value for the preparation and processing of three-dimensional graphene materials and the design and preparation of flexible electronic devices through the interaction with three-dimensional graphene. Recently, under the leadership of Academician You Zheng of Tsinghua University, Professor Zhang Yonglai of Jilin University, and Dr. Dongdong Han’s team, cooperated with Dr. You Rui of Peking University to systematically discuss the new progress, problems and challenges faced by laser manufacturing of 3D graphene-based flexible electronic devices.

Future development direction etc. Various laser processing technologies for the preparation, processing and modification of 3D graphene and its derivatives are introduced in detail. An overview of typical three-dimensional graphene flexible electronic devices prepared based on laser processing technology, such as: energy generators, supercapacitors, gas/stress/pressure/biosensors, optoelectronic devices and electric drives, etc.

Finally, this review summarizes the current development deficiencies and challenges in the field of laser-manufactured 3D graphene flexible electronic devices, and prospects for the field.

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