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3D graphene saved everyone!

2020-12-02 09:51:17

Three-dimensional graphene has a rich micro-nano structure and shows excellent superhydrophobic properties. Small water droplets can roll freely on its surface without entering its interior. This characteristic makes the three-dimensional graphene have a self-cleaning function, which can enable the directional transportation and collection of underwater oil droplets, and realize oil-water separation.

Three-dimensional graphene usually refers to a two-dimensional graphene assembly with a three-dimensional structure. It is a new functional material in the field of graphene chemistry in recent years. Three-dimensional graphene materials also have a laminated or porous structure, exhibiting unique properties in energy storage, catalysis, environmental remediation, sensors and supercapacitors, and are expected to be used as flexible and stretchable materials. In terms of application, the potential applications of three-dimensional graphene in high-strength materials and high thermal conductivity materials need to be further expanded. At present, most of the application research on 3D graphene still focuses on the detection of small molecules, the preparation of biosensors, advanced capacitors, environmental restoration, and hydrogen storage. 3D graphene is used in the preparation of high-strength materials, high thermal conductivity, and flexible materials. The application progress is slower.


Secondly, this material has high elasticity, can be compressed to 5% or less of its original size, and can still return to its original shape after 1000 cycles. In addition, the material has high strength, the compression modulus can reach more than 100 MPa, the material strength is 200 times larger than the steel of the same weight, the mechanical strength is better than all aerogel materials, and it also has good mechanical stability. Three-dimensional graphene is also a good conductor. It has the higher conductivity of all carbon-based aerogels. It is connected to LED lights and can be flexibly adjusted by compression. A severe outbreak of new crown pneumonia occurred this year. Masks have become a line of defense to protect medical staff, and they have become a lack of resources. Three-dimensional graphene has a large specific surface area and strong electrostatic adsorption characteristics, which can be used as a key filter material to improve filtration efficiency. Nowadays, we can buy graphene masks on the market, which play an important role in the fight against the epidemic.

Songhu Shenjian Technology (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. relies on the Songshan Lake Materials Laboratory, developed by the laboratory's new fiber team. The company is engaged in the research and development, production, sales, promotion and service of new material technology and its products. The main products include a series of new materials such as nano-carbon fiber, three-dimensional graphene powder, electrospun polymer nanofiber membrane, and electrostatic spinning series equipment. Accept customization, the company's technology is the team's independent original. The company's products are widely used in energy, environmental protection, chemistry and chemical engineering, health protection, scientific research and other fields. The company adheres to the concept of innovation, service, and integrity, is committed to the research and development of new materials and technologies, and provides the society with high-quality products and innovative technologies.


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