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Electrospun polymer nanofiber membrane

2020-12-16 11:47:20
Electrospun polymer nanofiber membrane

The electrospun polymer nanofiber membrane is formed by random arrangement of polymer nanofibers. The fiber diameter ranges within 200 to 500 nm, which is more than 20 times finer than that of conventional polymer fibers. Its specific surface area is increased by more than 20 times, while its cross-sectional area is reduced by more than 400 times. The pore size formed by the nanofibers is more than 20 times smaller than that of melt-blown fabric and other non-woven fabrics. Therefore, electrospun polymer nanofiber membrane is a new type of fiber material, which has important applications in air filtration, water purification, oil filtration, chemical filtration, catalyst carrier, functional fabrics and other aspects. It can be found specific applications in products including mask filters, air conditioner filters, water dispenser filters, air purifier filters, protective clothing filters, thermal insulation clothing, hydrophobic breathable clothing, thermal insulation materials, etc.


 Electrospun polymer nanofiber membrane


Electrospun polymer nanofiber membrane



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